About the Project

After activating the account, the player will receive: a castle level 1 + 30 gold + 10 soldiers + 5 spies

In the first 3 days after signing up, the user is protected and cannot be attacked.

Each user has 2 accounts for his gold:

  • investment account = the gold in this account is used to buy soldiers / spies or to upgrade the castle;
  • withdrawal account = the gold in this account can be transformed into real money, and withdrawn in an electronic wallet.

Each castle produces a number of gold /per hour, depending on the level (hierarchy) of each castle, if the user has been online in the last 3 days. The gold will appear automatically in the investment account.

Depending on the castle level, you have a variable protection of your gold from other players' attacks.

Gold deposited into the investment account can be used:

  • to buy military units: soldiers and spies;
  • to increase the castle level and thus produce more gold per hour;
  • to repair the castle, if it has been damaged.

To win more gold, users can attack other players and the gold earned will be split as follows: 70% of gold goes to the investment account and 30% to the withdrawal account.

Another way that players can win gold is the hourly bonus, which is a random number between 0 and 1 gold.

If you need gold in your investment account, there is the functionality by which you can move gold from the withdrawal account to our investment account, receiving from us a bonus of 10% of the shuffled gold.

Before attack, you have the chance to spy on your opponent's castle to see if the attack will have a chance of winning

To buy more soldiers, players can load their real money in their investment account, the conversion rate being 1 $ = 2000 gold and the minimum amount is $ 1.

Withdrawal of money is very easy, with a minimum of $ 1.

When you go on vacation and you can not defend your gold, you can set that period in the application and you will be protected from attacks.

If you are attacked excessively by an opponent, you may lose track through relocation functionality, you will randomly receive other coordinates on game's map.